If You Buy It It Will Break!

Picture from clean air duct dot net

It’s important to understand one thing about everything that we own If It Moves, spins Twirls requires any type of movement or even just sits there and looks at you at some point it’s going to break. The truth is everything that we own has a shelf life more than likely on it. But one of the major focus of the 15-minute turnaround is maintenance. Because another truth is even though if you buy it it will break is that if your maintenance it will last.

Because another truth is even though if you buy it it will break is that if you maintenance it will last focus of this particular article is to look at one specific place one task that we can both accomplish in 15 minutes and it will give us a lot of bang for our buck.

One of the things to consider if you have not only a forced air furnace or an air conditioning unit that runs off the same filter is a simple filter recharge / clean up. So that you wouldn’t think about prior to going to the store and buying a filter. What are the things that I will typically look for in a filter is its ability to be reused? Some of these hypoallergenic filters are excellent choices for your heating and air conditioning unit. By ensuring a simple 10-minute clean out and a five minute or two and a half minute take out in two and a half minute replays your ensuring that your air conditioning and heating system is not overworking and running at optimal speeds. When your air conditioning and your heating system run harder all it does is suck more energy and ultimately cost you more in the wallet. One of the ways to protect that is to get some of your maintenance chores on a regular rotation and schedule. By doing so you will avoid costly replacement and costly repairs when you want them the least. So first step if you have a furnace that’s forced air or an air conditioning unit that requires an air conditioning filter check that off on the 1st of each month. Now if you live someplace that your air conditioning unit is used more often you want to make sure that you take the opportunity to check that a little more often. In the winter time when you first start up your furnace typically your furnace can have a lot of dust in the air ducts and cleaning the furnace filter shortly after is something to take into consideration. Don’t forget to have an annual furnace cleaning done by a professional.  Cleaning you furnace yourself can be tricky and you can break and igniter.  Trust me because I have. It cost me $300 dollars to have an emergency 24-hour repair company and replace my furnace igniter.